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Free Online Civil Court Forms for Montana (Complete List)

Find a complete list of free online civil court forms for use in Montana.

Guardianship of a Minor Forms

Forms and instructions for asking a court to grant guardianship of a minor child.

Health Care Power of Attorney (write-in-the-blank forms)

Download a Health Care Power of Attorney form that lets you appoint a health care agent to help you and make health care decisions for you.

Homestead Declaration (write-in-the-blank form)

Download a free legal form to protect the value of your home from most creditors' claims.

How to Apply for Relief if Your Landlord Gets a Judgment Against You

You can use these forms if your landlord sued you in Justice Court and got a judgment against you because you did not file a written answer or you did not appear in court. You must have a good reason for why you didn’t file a written answer or appear in court. It’s up to the court to decide whether you had a good reason.

Immigration Forms

This page provides you with basic information on Immigration Forms. USCIS provides most public use forms free of charge through this website in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF).

Improper Notice to Vacate Letter (write-in-the-blank form)

Download a free legal form to tell your landlord that the notice to vacate your landlord gave you is not proper under the law. Do not use this form if you own a mobile home and rent only the lot that it sits on.

Injured Spouse Relief Application (Form 8379)

A link to the form to ask for Injured Spouse Relief. Make sure to read the instructions before filling out the form.

Judge Complaint Forms

Forms needed to file a complaint against a judge in Montana.

Justice / City Court Answer (write-in-the-blank form)

Download a free write-in-the-blank court form to file an Answer in Justice Court or City Court.

Keep Me Safe Journal

Download a free form that you can use to record each time your stalker threatens you. This form may be helpful if you call law enforcement or have to go to court.

Letter for Additional Cleaning Form (write-in-the-blanks)

This letter allows you to write to your tenants that have moved out to tell them there is additional cleaning needed. Write-in-the-blank forms allow you to print out a form, then write your information into the form with a pen.

Letter to Landlord Requesting Repairs (Interactive Form)

Use a free interactive program to write a letter to your landlord requesting repairs.

Life Planning Documents (FAQ and Write-in-the-Blank Forms)

Learn about life planning documents, like a Power of Attorney, Advanced Directive, and Wills, and find free write-in-the-blank forms.

McKinney-Vento Education for Homeless Children and Youth Program List of School Liaisons

The McKinney-Vento ECHY Program uses public school liaisons to assist in making sure homeless Montana children and youth are able to be properly enrolled in public schools. A list of liaisons in public schools around the state is available on the website of the Office of Public Instruction.

Montana Civil Court Forms

Link to civil court forms for district courts and limited jurisdiction courts (justice of the peace and city/municipal courts).

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