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Renters' Rights (Youth & Young Adult Legal Issues Edition)

By: Montana Legal Services Association (MLSA)

As a renter, you have rights and responsibilities which protect you and your landlord from violating housing laws. It’s the roof over your head, and you need to know how to take action when things don’t seem fair.

Tenant/Landlord Guide

By: Montana Public Interest Research Group (MontPIRG)

This guide is both a resource and a workbook. This guide will give you a fairly comprehensive understanding of the legal rights and responsibilities held by tenants and landlords, the remedies provided by law for resolving disputes should they arise, and practical tips on maintaining a good landlord-tenant relationship.

What Happens if I Break My Lease Agreement? (FAQ)

By: Montana Legal Services Association (MLSA)

Learn what you need to do when you move out, what legal reasons you might have to break your lease, what happens if you break your lease, and how you can sublease your unit.

What is a Legal Notice to Vacate?

By: Montana Legal Services Association (MLSA)

Learn what Montana law says is a valid notice to vacate. Download a free form that you can send to your landlord to tell them if the notice they sent you wasn’t valid.

What is an Oral Rental Agreement? (FAQ)

By: Montana Legal Services Association (MLSA)

If you rent a residence in Montana, this article will help you learn your rights under an oral rental agreement and what you can do to enforce your rights.

Common Questions

Emotional Support Animal Sample Letter

By: Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law

This sample letter can be completed by service providers and given to a landlord to show that an emotional support animal was prescribed to a tenant.

Improper Notice to Vacate Letter (write-in-the-blank form)

By: Montana Legal Services Association (MLSA)

Download a free legal form to tell your landlord that the notice to vacate your landlord gave you is not proper under the law. Do not use this form if you own a mobile home and rent only the lot that it sits on.