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By: Montana Legal Services Association (MLSA)

This article can help you understand your options for taking action on a money problem.
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Find your money problem, then learn about actions you can take:

A debt collector contacted me recently about a debt. 

A debt collector is saying I need to pay back a debt I don’t think I owe or can’t remember. 

I am worried about a debt collector taking my money or property. 

Someone took money from my bank or credit union account. 

Someone took money from my paycheck. 

I think I might be collection proof. 

Someone took my exempt income or property and I want to get it back. 

I think a debt collector is violating my rights. 

I am getting charged for things that I don’t think I owe. 

I don’t think I can pay back all my debt. I think I need to file for bankruptcy. 

How do I change information on my Credit Report? 

I’m looking for free or low-cost financial counseling. 

I have questions about repossession. 

I have questions about buying a used car 

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