How to Keep Your Address Confidential on Order of Protection Forms


By: Montana Department of Justice

Learn how to keep your address confidential on Order of Protection Forms.
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How to Keep Your Address Confidential on Order of Protection Forms

Why am I asked to include my address?

The court where you file your Order of Protection forms needs to know where to send orders and notices.

I don’t want my abuser to know my address. What do I do?

You can ask the Court to keep your address confidential.

How do I ask the Court to keep my address confidential?

You can write “confidential” in the space for your address on your Order of Protection forms.

For Example:

Name: Jane Doe

Address: Confidential

City, State, Zip: Confidential

Telephone No.: message phone: 406/000-0000

What will happen if I write “confidential” into the form where my address should be?

The Court will decide how it wants to keep your address confidential. It may keep your address on file at the Court but keep it protected from the abuser. Or it may ask that you provide an alternate address to which it can send Court orders and notices. Or it may handle your request in a different way.

Is there a way I can always keep my address confidential?

You may be eligible for the State of Montana Attorney General’s Office of Victim Services' Address Confidentiality Program. Or call (406) 444-5803.

The Court won’t let me file my forms without my address listed. What should I do?

You may need to talk to a legal professional. You may be able to get help by calling: 

  • Montana Legal Services Association HelpLine: 1-800-666-6899
  • State of Montana Bar Lawyer Referral and Information Service: (406) 449-6577
  • State of Montana Law Library: (406) 444-3660 or in State: (800) 710-9827.

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Change Your Order of Protection

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