Probate and Settling an Estate

Find how-to information and legal forms for probate and settling an estate in Montana.
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Learn how to access a deceased person's financial accounts when the account was jointly owned, the deceased was the sole owner of the account and named a beneficiary, or when the deceased was the only owner on the account and did not name a beneficiary.

Personal Representative Responsibilities in Montana

By: Montana State University Extension

Under Montana law, you are free to make a will or not, as you choose. If you make a will, you may nominate the person to carry out your plan for the settlement of your estate. In Montana, the individual who performs this function is called a personal representative.

Probate in Montana

By: Montana State University Extension

This article was adapted from the Montana State University Extension Office MontGuide, "Probate in Montana," and is designed to explain some aspects of probate.

Settling an Estate: What Do I Need to Know?

By: Montana State University Extension

Learn about what you can do to settle an estate of a deceased person in Montana, including what to do in the first week and what to do after the first week. Learn what the law says about who is responsible for settling an estate.