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Energy Savers Guidebook

By: Montana Department of Environmental Quality

Practical ways to save money and improve comfort.

Montana Rental Housing Search

By: Montana Department of Housing

MTHousingSearch.com, Montana's online service where it is FREE to list rental housing and FREE to search for your perfect rental home.


By: Montana Legal Services Association (MLSA)

Information that explains when you can sublet your rented house or apartment.

Tenant/Landlord Guide

By: Montana Public Interest Research Group (MontPIRG)

This guide is both a resource and a workbook. This guide will give you a fairly comprehensive understanding of the legal rights and responsibilities held by tenants and landlords, the remedies provided by law for resolving disputes should they arise, and practical tips on maintaining a good landlord-tenant relationship.

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Emotional Support Animal Sample Letter

By: Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law

This sample letter can be completed by service providers and given to a landlord to show that an emotional support animal was prescribed to a tenant.