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Find information and legal forms to get started on estate planning, including writing a will, advanced directive, power of attorney, beneficiary deed, and trusts in Montana.

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Estate Planning in Montana: Getting Started

Learn about the six steps to getting started on estate planning. Download checklists to help you get started on writing your will.

What You Should Know When Writing a Will in Montana

Learn about wills in Montana, including legal terms you will need to know and things to think about when writing a will.

Glossary of Estate Planning Terms

Learn definitions for estate planning terms used in Montana.

Power of Attorney in Montana (financial)

Information you should know when thinking about naming a power of attorney. Learn about your rights if you have a power of attorney, the risks, the rights and responsibilities of an agent, and more.

Letter of Last Instructions

Leaving a will won't always cover everything your survivors will need after you die. Learn about the instructions you should leave behind when you die to help your survivors settle your estate.

Life Estate: A Useful Estate Planning Tool

Information about life estates and how you can use them when writing a will.

Who Gets Grandma's Yellow Pie Plate? Transferring Non-Titled Property

Information about how to deal with transferring things like photographs and family heirlooms.

Tuesday Tips: A Series of 30-Minute Estate and Legacy Planning Webinars

30-Minute estate and legacy planning webinars happening every Tuesday at 11am Mountain Time.

Dying Without a Will in Montana: Who Receives Your Property?

Learn about how your property will pass to family and friends if you die without a will in Montana.

Wills and Probate

Information about wills and probate.

Reverse Mortgages: Get the Facts Before Cashing In On Your Home's Equity

Information on reverse mortgages, how they work, and reporting possible fraud.

Area Agencies on Aging

AAAs provide a network of organizations that serve the elderly population (60+) of their local area. There are 10 AAAs addressing health care, retirement, housing, employment, and community services.

Employee Pensions

General information about pensions.

Living Trust Scams

How to avoid living trust scams.

Living Trusts Offers: How To Make Sure They Are Trust-Worthy

Information about Living Trusts and ways to make sure that you are not scammed.

Montana Legal Services Developer Program

The Legal Services Developer, in the Office on Aging, provides elder law training and resources to seniors, family members, and social outreach workers. The program also provides pro bono and local legal services referrals, training materials and telephone assistance.

Railroad Retirement

General information about railroad retirement.

Revocable Living Trusts

Information about the benefits, shortfalls, costs, and tax consequences of living trusts.

Using a Homestead Declaration to Protect Your Home from Creditors

Learn how you can use a Homestead Declaration protect your home from creditors.

Health Care Power of Attorney (write-in-the-blank forms)

Download a Health Care Power of Attorney form that lets you appoint a health care agent to help you and make health care decisions for you.

Will-in-a-Box (Do-It-Yourself Indian Will for Native Americans)

You can use the free interactive Will-in-a-Box to create an Indian Will that will say who should get your personal property, real estate, and Indian trust land after you pass. The interactive program fills out an Indian Will based on the answers you give in an online interview. The Will is only valid once you properly sign it.

End-of-Life Registry Service

Montana's End-of-Life Registry stores advance health care directives (instructions for doctors and family members about the level of health care individuals want or do not want in the event that they become seriously ill and unable to speak for themselves). The Registry is secure and provides this service free of charge.

Using a Homestead Declaration to Protect Your Home from Creditors

Learn how you can use a Homestead Declaration protect your home from creditors.

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