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What is is a web site that provides legal information and resources to low- and moderate-income Montana residents. provides answers to general legal questions and contact information for legal programs, social service organizations and courts.

Should I enter a zip code, county, or city?

Entering a zip code, county, or city allows you to see information specific to your location, such as legal programs or social service organizations. Many organizations do not serve an entire county. Entering a zip code or city will provide you with the most accurate information.

What legal services might an organization offer?

An organization can provide legal help in several ways:

  • Full Representation A lawyer or legal advocate represents you in court or at a hearing at a government agency.
  • Brief Advice A lawyer or legal advocate provides legal information in person or over the telephone.
  • Legal Clinic A legal clinic is an opportunity for you to briefly talk to an attorney about your legal problem.
  • Pro Se Clinic A pro se clinic is a class where you are shown how you can "help yourself" with a particular legal problem.
  • Self-Help Self-help includes reading fact sheets and brochures.
  • Other The organization provides workshops, referrals to private attorneys and other services.

Not all organizations provide all of the services listed.

What are income guidelines?

Income guidelines determine who an organization can serve. Some organizations listed on can only serve low-income Montanans.Income guidelines use either a percentage of the federal poverty income level or a set maximum amount. does not guarantee assistance from an organization even if the organization's income guidelines are met.

Where can I get help if my income is larger than the guidelines?

First, see if the organization has exception to their income guidelines. Some organizations may make exceptions for seniors, people who are HIV positive, people experiencing domestic violence or people who have many expenses, such as child care, medical bills and debt.

Most organizations do not make exceptions. In this case, you should contact the Lawyer Referral and Information Service.

What does "Special Groups" mean?

Some organizations only serve certain groups of people, such as children, seniors, people who are HIV positive or people who are experiencing domestic violence.These people are considered special groups.

Look carefully at all eligibility requirements before contacting an organization.

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