Tuesday Tips: A Series of 30-Minute Estate and Legacy Planning Webinars

Webinar Schedule (updated April 9, 2020)


Marsha Goetting, MSU Extension Family Economics Specialist, leads a 30-minute webinar on estate and legal planning every Tuesday at 11am Mountain Time. 


April 14, 2020: Beneficiaries 101

What’s a POD?  What’s a TOD?  Using these two beneficiary designations on financial accounts is one way to avoid probate. What beneficiary designations can be placed on United States Savings Bonds? Are your beneficiary designations on life insurance, IRAs and other retirement accounts up-to-date?  How can you leave your real property to beneficiaries without it going through a costly probate?


April  21, 2020: Distributing Personal Property

How can you provide for the distribution of treasured personal property items so your children don’t fight over them after you die?


April 28, 2020: The Ins and Outs of Joint Tenancy

Overheard at a local café: “My property is held in joint tenancy with right of survivorship, I don’t need a will.  Right?” “When I remarried I placed my property in joint tenancy with my new wife.  I can write a will to leave the property to my kids.  Right?”  “I added my daughter’s name to my checking account. That was the right thing to do, Right?” Hear Marsha’s response. Hint: she says Probably WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.


May 5, 2020: Equal vs. Equitable in Estate Planning

What do you need to consider when writing a will? How do you distinguish between “equal” vs “equitable”?


May 12, 2020: Trusts 101

What are the differences between a living trust and a testamentary trust? How could you use a testamentary trust to treat your grandchildren equally or unequally?


May 19, 2020: To Gift or Not to Gift?

Should you gift while you are alive or leave a bequest after you die?


May 26, 2020: Financial Power of Attorney and Health Care Power of Attorney

During this time when we are all facing anxiety and disruption, our vulnerable are at especially high risk.  This webinar will introduce a new form for the Montana Health Care Power of Attorney, along with a packet of accompanying forms. The materials were developed by the Health Care Law Section and Business, Estates, Trusts, Tax and Real Property Section of the State Bar of Montana; Montana State University Extension and the Alzheimer's Workgroup.  Highlights from the Montana statutory Financial Power of Attorney Act will also be discussed.


June 2, 2020: Montana Medical Care Savings Accounts

Save money on your Montana income taxes with a Montana Medical Care Savings (MSA) account and create a legacy at the same time.


June 16, 2020: Important Decisions and Tough Conversations

What is your legacy? What are the differences among estate planning, succession planning, transition, and legacy planning? What are some ideas for starting the difficult conversation about Transition Planning?



Last Review and Update: Apr 09, 2020
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