Temporary Orders

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What are temporary orders?

Temporary orders are rules that a court makes. You may be able to get Temporary orders while your dissolution (divorce) or parenting plan is going on. Temporary orders go away when your dissolution or parenting plan is finished.

Can I get a temporary parenting plan?

Yes. You can ask the court for an Interim Parenting Plan. This will decide where the children will stay while you wait for the court's Final Parenting Plan. You may want an Interim Parenting Plan if you think that your children may be "snatched" by their other parent. You may want it for other reasons, too.

Can I get temporary support for my children?

Yes. If you aren't getting child support and you need money for your children you can ask the court for Temporary Child Support.

Can I get temporary support for myself?

Yes. You will have to ask the court for a Temporary Maintenance Order. There are two requirements to get this order. They are:

  1. You have been married for several years
  2. You need financial assistance that is more than what you need for child support

You can also ask for a Temporary Family Support Order. This puts a "holding pattern" on the marital property and money. This means that you and your spouse can't sell property. It means you can't get rid of money. This applies until your dissolution is finished. But, this does give the court the power to pay marital bills based on the money and property you and your spouse have. . The court may order you or your spouse to sell property to pay bills. A Temporary Family Support Order is different than other orders (such as Temporary Maintenance or Child Support).

How can I get temporary orders?

You should talk to an attorney if you want temporary orders.

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