Notice of Intent to Move (interactive)

Before You Start


These forms should be accepted in any disctrict court in Montana but please note that some district courts may have their own forms. Contact your local Clerk of Court or Self Help Law Center if you are unsure if the court will accept these forms. If you are leaving an abusive relationship or have questions about your rights, you should talk to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, you can apply for free legal help from Montana Legal Services Association.

Form completion time: 45 to 90 minutes

You will be able to stop and save your work in the middle of the program.

What you need before starting the forms:

  1. You must read the Introduction to Family Law in Montana before starting this program.
  2. You must have a child support calculation or an order in effect before using this program. You can complete a child support calculation to submit to the court using the Montana Online Child Support Calculator.
  3. You will need a laptop or desktop computer to complete this program because it will not work on a smartphone or tablet. Find your nearest library.

Make sure this program is right for you:

You cannot use this program if:

  1. You or your the other parent is pregnant with a child from the relationship;
  2. Either you or the other parent do not have physical custody of one or more of your children;
  3. Your children have not lived in Montana for 6 months, or since birth;

Information you will need when completing the program:

  1. You and the other parent's name, address and birthdate;
  2. The date you will move and address of your new residence;
  3. What you want the other parent to have for parenting time;
  4. Medical and child support and health insurance information for your children;
  5. What to do if there there is a change in circumstances;
  6. How you want to serve the other parent with your Notice of Intent to Move.

If you need help:

  1. You can visit your local Self Help Law Center. These centers can answer basic questions but cannot give legal advice. Find a center near you.
  2. You can apply online for free legal help from Montana Legal Services Association.
  3. You can contact the Montana Bar Lawyer Referral and Information Service to find a lawyer near you.

Now that you are ready to complete the program:

  1. It is a good idea to save your answers when completing the program in case you need to return at another time.
  2. In order to save your answers, you must create a username and password.
  3. It is helpful to create your username and password and sign in before you begin answering questions in the program.
  4. Follow this link to complete your Notice of Intent to Move.


Last Review and Update: Mar 31, 2017
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