Answer to Eviction Lawsuit (write-in-the-blank form)

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Before You Start


You only have 10 business days after you were served with eviction court papers to file an Answer to Eviction. You must file the Answer with the Clerk of Court where the eviction lawsuit was filed. You can download the Answer to Eviction at the bottom of this page. 


Coronavirus Defenses for Eviction

Near the end of the form, it will ask if you are aware of any other legal reason the court should not evict you. The form says “Other:________________________.”  It’s a good idea to read through our article “What Protections for Renters Exist in Montana Because of the Pandemic?” to see what legal protections you might qualify for before filling out your Answer to Eviction. Once you read through that article, you can come back to this page to complete the Answer form. If you qualify for any legal protections due to coronavirus, you should write that in the “Other” section when the form asks if you are aware of any other legal reason the court should not evict you. You don’t have to try to sound like a lawyer when you state your defense. But you do want to clearly describe your situation. You only want to state the truth.  You should also attach to your Answer a copy of your signed CDC Declaration or letter if you qualify for protection from eviction under Governor Bullock's directive.


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If you have any questions about your rights or this form, it would be a good idea to read our 5 Steps to Take When Served with Eviction Court Papers. You may also want to read our other article, What You Should Know about Evictions in Montana

If you have questions about your COVID-19 legal rights, read our FAQs for Montana Renters on Coronavirus.  


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Download the Answer to Eviction

Last Review and Update: Oct 08, 2020

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