Montana Legal Services Association (MLSA)

General Contact Information

616 Helena Ave, Suite 100
Helena, MT 59601

Who We Are

What is the Montana Legal Services Association?

The Montana Legal Services Association (MLSA) is a federally and privately funded program that provides free legal assistance in civil cases to low-income people.

What help can I find at MLSA?

  • Legal information,
  • Self-help materials,
  • Legal advice,
  • Legal representation by an MLSA attorney, and/or
  • Referrals to pro bono attorneys and other legal providers.

To qualify for our services, applicants generally must have income of 125% or less of the federal poverty level and limited assets. You must also be a U.S. citizen or an eligible alien.

We never charge a fee for our services. However, you may have to pay court costs and filing fees.

What issues can I find information on?

  • Family,
  • Housing,
  • Money Problems,
  • Public Benefits,
  • Native American,
  • Domestic/Sexual/Dating Abuse,
  • Work,
  • Migrant workers' issues,
  • More.

What does MLSA not handle?

MLSA does not handle auto accidents, personal injury, business-related matters and generally does not take criminal cases (including traffic citations).

How can I get more information about MLSA?

Check out our web site at

How can I get help from MLSA?

Look for application information on our web site at

Last Review and Update: Nov 18, 2011
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