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H-2A Visa Workers

Information and Forms
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Know Your Wage, Reimbursement, and Travel Rights as an H-2A Worker (FAQ)

Learn what you should know before you come to the US, how much you should be paid, reimbursed for travel, and other rights as an H-2A worker.

H-2A Workers: Taxes & Retirement

Learn if you need to file US income taxes if you are an H-2A worker and what you will need to file your taxes.

What Are My Rights as an Immigrant When Talking to the Police or ICE?

You have constitutional rights when talking to the police or ICE even when you are an immigrant. Learn what you can do, what you don't have to do, and what you must do when talking to the police or ICE.

What H-2A Workers Should Know About Their Employment Rights During COVID-19

Learn what federal law that applies in Montana says about COVID-19 and H-2A workers' rights.

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