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Farm Workers

Information and Forms

Find helpful articles, free court forms, and other resources for farmworkers, including information about wages, working conditions, and H-2A Visas, by following the links below.

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Farm Worker Rights (FAQ on Wages and Pay)

Know your rights for how much you should be paid, your wage statements, and what to do if your wages are below the minimum wage.

Farm Worker Rights (FAQ on Working Conditions)

Know your rights to fair working conditions, including what your employer must tell you when you are recruited, housing conditions, field conditions, and other rights.

Know Your Wage, Reimbursement, and Travel Rights as an H-2A Worker (FAQ)

Learn what you should know before you come to the US, how much you should be paid, reimbursed for travel, and other rights as an H-2A worker.

The Affordable Care Act and You

A guide for H-2A Workers / Una Guía para los Trabajadores H-2A

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