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Find how-to information and legal forms for probate and settling an estate in Montana. 

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Probate in Montana

Learn about the probate process in Montana, including the responsibilities of a Personal Representative, the functions of probate, costs of probate, and more.

How to Access a Deceased Person's Financial Accounts in Montana

Learn how to access a deceased person's financial accounts when the account was jointly owned, the deceased was the sole owner of the account and named a beneficiary, or when the deceased was the only owner on the account and did not name a beneficiary.

Personal Representative Responsibilities in Montana

Learn about the responsibilities of a personal representative and tips for choosing a personal representative.

Dying Without a Will in Montana: Who Receives Your Property?

Learn about how your property will pass to family and friends if you die without a will in Montana.

How to Transfer Real Property Owned in a Joint Tenancy or in a Life Estate Without Probate

Information and answers to common questions asked when someone co-owns property and dies without a will.

Settling an Estate: What Do I Need to Know?

Learn about what you can do to settle an estate of a deceased person in Montana, including what to do in the first week and what to do after the first week. Learn what the law says about who is responsible for settling an estate.

Wills and Probate

Information about wills and probate.

How to Administer a Small Estate

Use this form to become the personal representative of a small estate.

Motion to Appoint Interpreter (write-in-the-blank form)

You can use this form to ask the court to appoint an interpreter for you in a lawsuit if you a person who has a limited ability to read, write, or understand English or if you have a hearing impairment and require interpretation services.

Statement of Inability to Pay Court Costs and Fees (interactive form)

Use a free interactive program to create court forms to ask the court to waive your filing fees.

Statement of Inability to Pay Court Costs and Fees (write-in-the-blank form)

Download a free write-in-the-blank court form to ask the judge to let you file court documents without paying a fee.

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