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Information and Forms

Find information and legal forms for a Power of Attorney and Advanced Directives in Montana. Learn about your rights if you have a Power of Attorney. 

  • Managing Someone Else's Money guides

    Millions of Americans are managing money or property for a loved one who is unable to pay bills or make financial decisions. This can be very overwhelming. But, it’s also a great opportunity to help someone you care about, and protect them from scams and fraud. Find information about Power of Attorney, Court-Appointed Guardians, Trustees, and Government Fiduciaries (i.e. Social Security Payees). The guides help you to be a financial caregiver in three ways: - They walk you through your duties. - They tell you how to watch out for scams and financial exploitation, and what to do if your loved one is a victim. - They tell you where you can go for help. Read More

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