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Find information and legal forms for a Power of Attorney and Advanced Directives in Montana. Learn about your rights if you have a Power of Attorney. 

  • Power of Attorney in Montana

    Information you should know when thinking about naming a power of attorney. Learn about your rights if you have a power of attorney, the risks, the rights and responsibilities of an agent, and more. Read More

    Montana State University Extension
  • Can I still make decisions if someone else has my Power of Attorney?

    Learn about your rights when you have a Power of Attorney. Read More

    Montana Legal Services Association (MLSA)
  • Fill-In-The-Blank Power of Attorney for Property Form

    This link will get you forms for power of attorney for property. These forms are ones you print out, then fill-in-the-blanks. This publication tells you about the power of attorney for property. This is the act of giving another person authority to act in your place. Content Detail

    Montana State University Extension
  • Advance Directive

    This Advance Directive can tell your family and health care providers your decisions if you get ill and cannot tell them yourself. Write-in-the-blank forms allow you to print out a form, then write your information into the form with a pen. Content Detail

    Montana Supreme Court Commission on Self Represented Litigants
  • Durable Power of Attorney Abuse

    Describes abuse of a power of attorney and how the victim or victim's family can get help. Content Detail

    National Center on Elder Abuse/ABA Commission on Law and Aging
  • Managing Someone Else's Money guides

    Millions of Americans are managing money or property for a loved one who is unable to pay bills or make financial decisions. This can be very overwhelming. But, it’s also a great opportunity to help someone you care about, and protect them from scams and fraud. Find information about Power of Attorney, Court-Appointed Guardians, Trustees, and Government Fiduciaries (i.e. Social Security Payees). The guides help you to be a financial caregiver in three ways: - They walk you through your duties. - They tell you how to watch out for scams and financial exploitation, and what to do if your loved one is a victim. - They tell you where you can go for help. Read More

    Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

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