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Surviving a Layoff

A web site designed to help you through a layoff. Learn how to file for unemployment, update your resume and cover letter, adjust your budget until you find a new job, and learn about the various safety nets available to you and your family.

Unemployment Benefits Estimator

A calculator that will help you to estimate the unemployment benefits you may be eligible to receive.

Unemployment Insurance Bi-Weekly Eligibility Requirements

Information about how you remain eligible for unemployment insurance benefits.

Unemployment Insurance if You are a Victim of Domestic Violence, Stalking, or Sexual Assault

Information on unemployment benefits if the reason you quit work or were discharged was because you or your child were a victim of domestic violence, stalking, or sexual assault.

Unemployment Insurance Claimaint Handbook

Learn your rights and responsibilities when claiming unemployment.


Workplace Fairness is a nonprofit organization helping to preserve and promote employee rights. This web site provides information about job rights and employment issues around the country and in all 50 states.

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