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Basis for Health Services

By: Indian Health Services

Information about why the government is required to provide health services for Native Americans.

Bureau of Indian Affairs

By: Montana Legal Services Association

The US Department of the Interior Indian Affairs Bureau maintains government-to-government relationships with Indian tribes, and facilitates support for tribal people and tribal governments. They promote safe and quality living environments, strong communities, self sufficient and individual rights, while enhancing protection of the lives, prosperity and well being of American Indians and Alaska Natives.

Indian Civil Rights Act

By: Montana Legal Services Association

Complete text of the Indian Civil Rights Act of 1968, courtesy of the Tribal Court Clearing House.

Montana Indian Law Portal

By: State of Montana

Tribal law resources and information including tribal codes, constitutions, treaties, important court decisions and more.

National Indian Law Library

By: National Indian Law Library

Database of major cases in Indian Law and other resources and information about the Native American Rights Fund.