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Which Debts to Pay When You Cannot Pay Them All

When you are unable to pay all your bills, here is some information to help you decide which bills to pay first.

Auto Insurance - Comprehensive Guide

A guide to everything about automobile insurance, including what it is, what you need and why you need it, and where to find it.

Banking Online Safely

Information on how to protect your accounts and identity when online banking.


Articles about credit, including types of credit, how to establish credit, bad credit, and more.

Developing a Spending Plan

A step by step guide designed to help you make a spending plan and manage how your money gets spent.

Financial Empowerment Resource Sheet (English and Spanish)

This resource sheet gives you information about resources to help you during difficult times. It lists government and nonprofit programs that you might qualify for to boost your family income and help make ends meet. Esta hoja proporciona recursos e información para ayudarlo a administrar su dinero durante épocas difíciles. Detalla programas del gobierno para los que podría calificar y así acrecentar los ingresos de su familia para que el dinero le rinda más.

Higher Education

Articles about how to pay for higher education.

HUD-approved Housing Counselors

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) trains and certifies non-profit housing counselors across the country.

Joint Credit Accounts: What Happens When You and Your Spouse Split Up

Information on dealing with the credit accounts you have with your spouse or ex-spouse.

Retirement Planning

Find webinars, calculators, and other resources to help you plan your retirement. Dedicated to your financial wellbeing is a website that has tools and resources that provide sound advice and practical information on how to start achieving all your financial goals.

7 Ways to Keep Medical Debt in Check

Information on how to manage medical debt.

Homestead Declaration (write-in-the-blank form)

Download a free legal form to protect the value of your home from most creditors' claims.

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