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Find helpful articles and free court forms related to wage garnishement by following the links below.

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What is a Wage Garnishment?

Learn what a wage garnishment is, and your options for when your wages are getting garnished. Find a free court form if someone garnished too much of your wages.

19 Things a Debt Collector Cannot Take

Learn what income and property are protected from debt collectors; the situations when income or property may not be protected; and, download a free court form to ask for your protected income or property back.

How to Claim Exemptions from Debt Collections and Request a Hearing

A creditor or debt collector who has a judgment can take some money from you to pay the judgment. There are limits on what kind of money a creditor can take. You can use this packet of instructions and form to get money back if the creditor was not supposed to take it.

HUD-approved Housing Counselors

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) trains and certifies non-profit housing counselors across the country.


Visit our other website to find out you if a debt collector might be breaking the law, if you have any protected income or property, and if you might have any defenses to a debt lawsuit. Use a free garnishment calculator to see if a debt collector is taking the right amount from your wages.

What income and property of mine is protected from a creditor or debt collector with a judgment?

Use this worksheet and information to determine which of your income and property are exempt from a creditor or debt collector that has a judgment against you.

When Can a Creditor Take Your Tax Refund?

Information about when creditors with a judgment against you can and cannot take your tax refund.

Notice of Claimed Exemptions (write-in-the-blank form)

File this form with the court to ask for your exempt income or property back.

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