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Find articles and free legal forms to use to dispute a debt when a third party debt collector contacts you. These are not court forms that you can use to dispute a debt in a lawsuit. If you have been served with court papers and want to dispute the lawsuit, you'll want to check out the Collection Lawsuits subtopic

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Billed for Merchandise You Never Received? Here's What To Do

Information about what to do if you are billed for stuff that you did not buy or receive.

Dealing with Creditors Over a Deceased Loved One's Debts

Information to help you deal with a loved one's debts after death.


Visit our other website to find out you if a debt collector might be breaking the law, if you have any protected income or property, and if you might have any defenses to a debt lawsuit. Use a free garnishment calculator to see if a debt collector is taking the right amount from your wages.

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