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When you only have exempt income and property, it is often called being "collection proof." Find helpful articles and free court forms related to exempt income and property by following the links below.

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19 Things a Debt Collector Cannot Take

Learn what income and property are protected from debt collectors; the situations when income or property may not be protected; and, download a free court form to ask for your protected income or property back.

4 Steps to Get Debt Collectors to Stop Contacting You

Learn how to get third party debt collectors to stop contacting you. Download a free cease contact letter. And, learn what legal action you can take if debt collectors keep contacting you.

HUD-approved Housing Counselors

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) trains and certifies non-profit housing counselors across the country.

Changes to Montana Consumer Laws After the 2021 Legislative Session (FAQ)

Learn about recent changes to exemption laws and Justice Court jurisdiction.

Visit our other website to find out you if a debt collector might be breaking the law, if you have any protected income or property, and if you might have any defenses to a debt lawsuit. Use a free garnishment calculator to see if a debt collector is taking the right amount from your wages.

Notice of Claimed Exemptions (write-in-the-blank form)

File this form with the court to ask for your exempt income or property back.

Cease Contact Letter (write-in-the-blank form)

Download a free Cease Contact Letter that you can send to third party debt collectors to make them stop contacting you.

Homestead Declaration (write-in-the-blank form)

Download a free legal form to protect the value of your home from most creditors' claims.

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