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How to Answer When You Get Sued (Step-by-step Guide)

Learn the steps you should take to protect your rights and find free court forms to download.

Know Your Rights When Dealing with a Debt Collector

Know your rights and understand your options when dealing with a debt collector. Download forms you can use to protect your rights.

25 Things to Know Before You Go to Court

Learn how to make an objection, call and question witnesses, introduce exhibits and evidence, and more tips for representing yourself in court.

Statement of Inability to Pay Court Costs and Fees (write-in-the-blank form)

Download a free write-in-the-blank court form to ask the judge to let you file court documents without paying a fee.

Answer to Debt Collection Complaint (Write-in-the-blank Form)

Download a free write-in-the-blank form to file a written Answer to a Debt Collection Complaint.

Motion to Appoint Interpreter (write-in-the-blank form)

You can use this form to ask the court to appoint an interpreter for you in a lawsuit if you a person who has a limited ability to read, write, or understand English or if you have a hearing impairment and require interpretation services.

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