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Other Housing Problems

Find helpful articles and free legal forms related to repairs in residential units following the links below.

4 Steps to Take if Your Landlord Won’t Make Repairs

Learn what legal action you can take if your landlord won't make repairs. Find a letter you can download to send to your landlord asking for repairs.

Repair and Deduct

Information about what to do when your landlord will not fix what he is supposed to fix.

Mold Information

Information about mold in your rental that can affect your health and safety. Includes steps to take to get it fixed.

Bed Bugs - A Guide for Renters

Information on how to identify and deal with bed bugs.

Landlord Retaliation if You Ask for Repairs

Information about what to do if your landlord retaliates against you for requesting a repair.

Mediation and the Family Transition Project

Learn about what happens during and after mediation. Learn about what rights you have regarding mediation.

Montana Tenants' Rights and Duties Handbook

A guide to your rights and duties as a tenant in Montana.

Renters’ Rights after a Disaster in Montana

Learn your rights if your rental is damaged due to a disaster in Montana.

4 Steps to Take if Your Landlord Shuts off Your Utilities

Learn what steps you may take if your landlord shuts off your utilities, and download a form that you can send to your landlord to ask the landlord to turn back on the utilities.

Tenant/Landlord Guide

This guide is both a resource and a workbook. This guide will give you a fairly comprehensive understanding of the legal rights and responsibilities held by tenants and landlords, the remedies provided by law for resolving disputes should they arise, and practical tips on maintaining a good landlord-tenant relationship.

Utility Deposit and Shut-off Information

Information about utility company deposits, shut-offs, and more.

Repairs Letter Form (write-in-the-blank form)

This letter allows you to write to your landlord to get repairs made to your rental. Write-in-the-blank forms allow you to print out a form, then write your information into the form with a pen.

Letter to Landlord Requesting Repairs (Interactive Form)

Use a free interactive program to write a letter to your landlord requesting repairs.

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