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Bed Bugs - A Guide for Renters

Information on how to identify and deal with bed bugs.

What is the Law on Storage Units in Montana? (FAQs)

Learn what happens if you fall behind on rent for your storage unit.


Information that explains when you can sublet your rented house or apartment.

When Your Landlord Can Raise Your Rent in Montana (FAQ)

Learn when and by how much your landlord may raise your rent whether you rent from a private landlord or get housing assistance.

What is an Oral Rental Agreement? (FAQ)

If you rent a residence in Montana, this article will help you learn your rights under an oral rental agreement and what you can do to enforce your rights.

Your Right to Quiet Enjoyment of Your Rental (FAQ)

Learn about your right to quiet enjoyment of your rental, and what you can do if your landlord or neighbor violates your rights.


Information about what to do if your landlord threatens to lock you out of your apartment or has locked you out.

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