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As of May 22, 2023, Montana laws regarding evictions have changed. A renter now has only 5 buisiness days after being served with eviction papers to file a written Answer to Eviction with the Clerk of Court where the eviction lawsuit was filed. Please do not wait to file your written Answer.
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What You Should Know about Evictions in Montana

Learn what you should do if you have received a notice terminating your lease or been served with eviction court papers in Montana.

How to Protect Your Security Deposit (FAQ)

Learn how to protect your security deposit if you rent a residential unit in Montana.

Montana Tenants' Rights and Duties Handbook

A guide to your rights and duties as a tenant in Montana.

25 Things to Know Before You Go to Court

Learn how to make an objection, call and question witnesses, introduce exhibits and evidence, and more tips for representing yourself in court.

Answer to Eviction Lawsuit (Write-in-the-blank Form)

Download a free court form to file an Answer to Eviction Lawsuit in Montana.

How to Apply for Relief if Your Landlord Gets a Judgment Against You (aka Default Judgment)

You can use these forms if your landlord sued you in Justice Court and got a judgment against you because you did not file a written answer or you did not appear in court. This can also be called a default judgment or a judgment for possession. You must have a good reason for why you didn’t file a written answer or appear in court. It’s up to the court to decide whether you had a good reason.

Improper Notice to Vacate Letter (write-in-the-blank form)

Download a free legal form to tell your landlord that the notice to vacate your landlord gave you is not proper under the law. Do not use this form if you own a mobile home and rent only the lot that it sits on.

Motion to Appoint Interpreter (write-in-the-blank form)

You can use this form to ask the court to appoint an interpreter for you in a lawsuit if you a person who has a limited ability to read, write, or understand English or if you have a hearing impairment and require interpretation services.

Statement of Inability to Pay Court Costs and Fees (write-in-the-blank form)

Download a free write-in-the-blank court form to ask the judge to let you file court documents without paying a fee.

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