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Find helpful articles and free court forms related to Parening Plans, custody, visitation, and parenting by following the links below.

  • Petition for Parenting Plan (interactive form)

    You can use the interactive Petition for Parenting Plan to create free court forms that you may file in Montana. Read More

    Montana Legal Services Association (MLSA)
  • District Court Guidelines for Parenting Plans

    Some District Courts have guidelines for parenting plans. Guidelines are what the District Court usually considers to be in the best interests of the children. The guidelines usually apply to most parenting plans in that court. But, the guidelines will not apply if there are good reasons why they should not. You can check the rules of the court where your parenting plan case is filed to see if there are parenting plan guidelines. Content Detail

    District Courts
  • Family Law Videos

    These videos give information about getting a dissolution, parenting plans, and more. Read More

    Montana Supreme Court, Yellowstone County Bar

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