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Dissolution (divorce)

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Find helpful articles and free court forms related to divorce, or Dissolution of Marriage, by following the links below.

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Credit Check and Vehicle Value Resources

Where to get a credit report and where to find vehicle values.

Dissolution (Divorce) in Military Families

How dissolution is different in military families compared to non-military families and things you need to know.

Dissolution of Marriage Basics

Covers some basic FAQs about dissolution in Montana.

Dissolution of Marriage / Disolución del Matrimonio

This page includes a printable brochure. Esta página incluye un folleto imprimible.

Divorce and Social Security Benefits

Social security benefits information in the event your marital status changes.

Do I have to pay our credit card if my ex-spouse did not make the payments?

Information about paying credit card debt if your ex-spouse does not pay.

Family Law and Taxes: How a Divorce or Parenting Case Might Impact Your Taxes

This fact sheet is intended to provide information regarding common tax issues that arise when a person is going through a divorce or parenting case.

Family Law Videos

These videos give information about getting a dissolution, parenting plans, and more.

How to Change or Correct Your Name on a Social Security Card

If you legally change your name, you need to tell Social Security so you can get a new card. If you do not get a new card with your new name on it, you may lose benefits, or delay your tax refund.

Introduction to Family Law in Montana

Information about common issues involved in dissolution and parenting cases in Montana.

Joint Credit Accounts: What Happens When You and Your Spouse Split Up

Information on dealing with the credit accounts you have with your spouse or ex-spouse.

Legal Terms in Dissolution

A list of common terms used during a dissolution case, and legal proceedings in general.

Low Income Taxpayer Clinic

The Low Income Taxpayer Clinic (LITC) provides free legal help to eligible individuals who have a dispute with the IRS. Find out what kind of help is available through LITC.

Mediation Fact Sheet

Learn about what happens during and after mediation. Learn about what rights you have regarding mediation.

Temporary Court Orders in Montana

Learn about how to ask the Court to make a decision or take action, and common types of Court Orders during a Dissolution or Parenting Plan case. Find out what you can do if the other party won’t follow a Court Order.

The Ultimate DIY Guide to Divorce and Custody in Montana

The information in this article applies to both parties in a divorce or parenting case. There is helpful information about what happens at the beginning, during, and after divorce or parenting case. We added lots of links to more information and do-it-yourself forms that you can use in Montana Courts.

25 Things to Know Before You Go to Court

Learn how to make an objection, call and question witnesses, introduce exhibits and evidence, and more tips for representing yourself in court.

12 Tips for Representing Yourself in Court

Learn tips for representing yourself in a court in Montana.

Tips for When Your Divorce or Parenting Plan Case is Over

Learn tips for keeping track of payments, what to do if you changed your name, tax tips, what to do if you move, and what happens if you want to change your Parenting Plan.

What is a Legal Separation in Montana?

Learn about the process for a Legal Separation in Montana.

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