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Child and Medical Support Orders in Montana (FAQ)

Learn how to get child support, how the amount is determined, and information about medical support orders.

Temporary Court Orders in Montana

Learn about how to ask the Court to make a decision or take action, and common types of Court Orders during a Dissolution or Parenting Plan case. Find out what you can do if the other party won’t follow a Court Order.

The Ultimate DIY Guide to Divorce and Custody in Montana

The information in this article applies to both parties in a divorce or parenting case. There is helpful information about what happens at the beginning, during, and after divorce or parenting case. We added lots of links to more information and do-it-yourself forms that you can use in Montana Courts.

Child Support Enforcement

Links to information about enforcing your child support order.

Child Support Information for Active Duty Reserve & National Guard Soldiers

Information about child support for Reserve and National Guard Soldiers on active duty.

Guide to the Montana Online Child Support Calculator

Download information to help you through the Montana Online Child Support Calculator.

My Ex Won't Let Me See Our Kids. Do I Still Have to Pay Child Support?

Information about paying child support if the other parent does not let you see your children.

Montana Online Child Support Calculator

The calculator will create free court forms that you may file in Montana, based on the answers you give in an online interview. The Calculator can help you create a Child Support Worksheet and/or Financial affidavit.

Child Support Forms

Child Support forms for Montana. These include Applications for Child Support, Child Support Guidelines, Contempt for Failure to Pay, Petition for Judicial Review, and more.

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