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If you think your abuser is tracking what you do online, you’re probably right. Learn more about internet and computer safety. Find helpful articles, free court forms, and other resources related to stalking by following the links below. 

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Safety Planning for Victims of Domestic Violence

Information about creating a safety plan for domestic violence victims. It is a good idea to have a safety plan to keep you and your children safe if you are a victim of domestic violence. Make sure to have a safety plan for when you leave your abuser.

Order of Protection Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about Orders of Protection in Montana, how to get one, how to prepare for court, and what to do after your hearing.

How to Represent Yourself in an Order of Protection Hearing in Montana

Learn how to represent yourself in an Order of Protection hearing when you are the Petitioner.

How to Use Evidence in an Order of Protection Hearing in Montana

Learn how to use evidence in an Order of Protection Hearing in Montana when you filed for the Order.

Montana Crime Victim Legal Assistance Network (MT VLAN)

MT VLAN is a statewide civil legal assistance network that provides services to crime victims around the state of Montana.

Crime Victim Rights

Find out rights of crime victims during and after a criminal prosecution.

What is the Law on Stalking in Montana? (FAQ and Resources)

Learn what the law in Montana says about stalking, how to protect yourself from a stalker, and tips for gathering and storing evidence. Download a journal to help record evidence of stalking.

Keep Me Safe Journal

Download a free form that you can use to record each time your stalker threatens you. This form may be helpful if you call law enforcement or have to go to court.

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