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If you think your abuser is tracking what you do online, you’re probably right. Learn more about internet and computer safety. Find helpful articles, free court forms, and other resources related to making plans to stay safe by following the links below. 

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What Is a Safety Plan?

A safety plan is a personalized, practical plan that includes ways to remain safe while in a relationship, planning to leave, or after you leave. Learn tips for coming up with your own safety plan, including safety when living with an abusive partner, safety planning with children or pets, and more.

Safety Planning for Victims of Domestic Violence

Information about creating a safety plan for domestic violence victims. It is a good idea to have a safety plan to keep you and your children safe if you are a victim of domestic violence. Make sure to have a safety plan for when you leave your abuser.

Personalized Safety Plan

Find a list of questions to ask yourself to come up with a plan to stay safe during and after an abusive relationship. Learn tips for finding resources to help you leave an abusive relationship.

Address Confidentiality Program

Learn how to keep your address safe from an abuser. This site includes general information about the Address Confidentiality Program, checklist, and application.

For Survivors: Keeping Information About You Confidential

Learn what you can do to keep information about you confidential when getting help.

How to Keep Your Address Confidential on Order of Protection Forms

Learn how to keep your address confidential on Order of Protection Forms.

Crime Victim Advocates

Crime victim advocates provide free, confidential help and services to crime victims throughout Montana.

Order of Protection Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about Orders of Protection in Montana, how to get one, how to prepare for court, and what to do after your hearing.

Petition for Name Change - Adult, Minor, or Sealed (Interactive Form)

Use a free interactive program to create a Petition for Name Change for an adult, child, or when your safety is at risk.

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