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If you think your abuser is tracking what you do online, you’re probably right. Learn more about internet and computer safety. Find helpful articles and other resources related to healthy relationships by following the links below. 

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What is a Healthy Relationship?

Learn what a healthy relationship looks like, what you can do to build a healthy relationship, and where you can find support if you're in an unhealthy relationship.

The Relationship Spectrum Tool

All relationships exist on a spectrum from healthy to abusive with unhealthy somewhere in the middle. Check out the Relationship Spectrum to see where your relationship falls.

Equality Wheel (PDF)

Learn what a healthy relationship looks like, including respect, trust and support, and decision-making.

What is Consent?

Learn what consent looks like and what it does not look like. Find out red flags that could show that your partner doesn't respect consent.

Healthy LGBTQ Relationships

Learn what a healthy LGBTQ relationship looks like, and support available if you're in an unhealthy relationship.

Setting Boundaries

Learn about emotional, physical, and digital boundaries in a relationship.

Power and Control Wheel (Video)

Watch a video on how abusers use violence and threats of violence to keep power and control over their partner.

Power and Control Wheel (PDF)

Learn what a domestic violence relationship looks like, including the patterns of abusive and violent behavior that abusers use to control their partner.

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