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Other COVID-19 Problems

Find links to free legal information and resources related to housing rights and the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak below. COVID-19 legal rights are changing every day. Check back here regularly to see if your situation is covered by a new law.

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2 Things to Know About COVID-19 and Foreclosures and Homeownership

This article will help you understand your rights as a homeowner during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Montana Landlords' Rights & Duties Handbook: What a Landlord Must Do

Part Two of a guide to your rights and duties as a landlord in Montana.

What You Should Know about Evictions in Montana

Learn what you should do if you have received a notice terminating your lease or been served with eviction court papers in Montana.

Montana Landlord's Rights & Duties Handbook: Rights of a Landlord

Part One of a guide to your rights and duties as a landlord in Montana.

Mobile Home Lot Rentals in Montana (FAQs)

Learn about your rights when you own your mobile home and rent the lot underneath.

The Foreclosure Process in Montana

How the foreclosure process works in Montana and what your options are.

Montana Tenants' Rights and Duties Handbook

A guide to your rights and duties as a tenant in Montana.

Creditors threatened to take my home. Is there something I can do?

Yes. You can file a Declaration of Homestead to protect the home where you reside from unsecured debt...

Roommates FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about roommates.

What Happens if I Break My Lease Agreement? (FAQ)

Learn what you need to do when you move out, what legal reasons you might have to break your lease, what happens if you break your lease, and how you can sublease your unit.

4 Ways to Protect Your Mobile Home from Repossession

Learn what you can do to protect your mobile home from repossession.

When Your Landlord Can Raise Your Rent in Montana (FAQ)

Learn when and by how much your landlord may raise your rent whether you rent from a private landlord or get housing assistance.

Answer to Eviction (Interactive Form)

Use a free interactive program to create court forms to file an Answer to Eviction. You only have 10 business days after you were served with eviction court papers to file an Answer to Eviction.

Answer to Eviction Lawsuit (Write-in-the-blank Form)

Download a free court form to file an Answer to Eviction Lawsuit in Montana.

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