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Find a free do-it-yourself will for Native Americans as well as helpful articles and other resources related to wills for Native Americans by following the links below.

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American Indian Probate Reform Act: 14 Fact Sheets from the MSU Extension Service

A link to 14 fact sheets about the AIPRA and how it affects trust landowners.

Information about Trust Lands

Articles about the importance of estate planning for trust lands and rights of way on Indian land.

Understanding the American Indian Probate Reform Act (AIPR) of 2004

How trust land passes when a loved one dies and why it is important to write a will.

Estate Planning Options

A chart that shows estate planning options under the American Indian Probate Reform Act.

How Your Individual Indian Money Account Will Be Divided Without A Will

Information about what will happen to your Individual Indian Money Account if you die without a will.

How Your Trust Land Will Be Divided Without a Will: If the Trust Land is Less Than 5% of the Parcel

A chart that shows what will happen to your trust land if you die without a will. This chart applies to you if the trust land is less than 5% of the entire land parcel.

Information for Individual Indian Money Account Holders about the Cobell vs. Salazar Settlement

Information about the settlement of the trust fund case brought for Individual Indian Money (IIM) Account Holders. Includes a way to register to get information from the government about your IIM and whether you are affected by the settlement.

What Every Indian Land Owner Needs to Know About the Cobell Settlement

Information about how the Cobell settlement affects your rights to your land.

Your Land, Your Decision (Fort Peck)

Learn about why it is important to have a will as a Fort Peck tribal member.

Will-in-a-Box (Do-It-Yourself Indian Will for Native Americans)

You can use the free interactive Will-in-a-Box to create an Indian Will that will say who should get your personal property, real estate, and Indian trust land after you pass. The interactive program fills out an Indian Will based on the answers you give in an online interview. The Will is only valid once you properly sign it.

American Indian Trust Land: Forms to Use When Drafting a Will to Protect Your Trust Land

Information and forms, plus an application you can fill out to request help to draft a will to protect trust land.

American Indian Probate Reform Act

Copy of the Act passed by the 108th Congress. These are not all the laws that can apply, just some that may be helpful.

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