Requesting an Informal Review of the HELP Integrity Fee (Form & Instructions)


The Montana Health and Economic Livelihood Partnership (HELP) program, also known as Medicaid Expansion in Montana, is funded in part by the HELP Integrity Fee (HIF).

This is a monthly fee that certain participants in the HELP program must pay in addition to their premiums.  If you are enrolled in the program, you are required to pay this fee if one of the following is above a certain limit:

  • Equity in real property and/or improvements,
  • Equity in vehicles, or
  • Taxable value of agricultural land you own. 

If you receive a Notice of Assessment of this fee and are unable to pay it, you can request the Department of Revenue (DOR) to review your financial circumstances. 

DOR will not entirely waive the fee, but they will consider your ability to pay the fee. They will set up a payment plan according to your individual financial condition. And, they may modify or adjust the fee in cases of significant hardship. 

To begin the process to have the amount of your HIF fee reviewed, you must send the DOR a Request for Informal Review.  You can download the Request for Informal Review form online. 

Email this form and supporting documents to:


US postal service address:

Montana Department of Revenue

DOR Objections

P.O. Box 7149

Helena, MT 59604-7149


For more information, visit DOR’s HELP Integrity Fee page or contact the DOR Taxpayer Advocate:

Sheila Stevens

Taxpayer Advocate

(406) 444-6789


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