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MontanaLawHelp.org is a project of Montana Legal Services Association. The project is funded by the national Legal Services Corporation and the Montana Justice Foundation. Other partners to the project include the Montana Credit Unions for Community Development, State of Montana Law Library, the State Bar of Montana, and the Montana Supreme Court.

Pro Bono Net created, hosts, and maintains MontanaLawHelp.org. 

Montana Legal Services Association

The Montana Legal Services Association provides low-income Montana residents with access to the justice system. They provide civil legal assistance in priority areas, such as family law, bankruptcy or evictions. The Montana Legal Services Association is funded in part by the national Legal Services Corporation and the Montana Justice Foundation.

Montana Justice Foundation 

The Montana Justice Foundation is the charitable arm of the Montana legal community. MJF's mission is to achieve equal access to justice for all Montanans through effective funding and leadership. 

Montana Credit Unions for Community Development

Montana Credit Unions for Community Development (MCUCD) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve the lives and financial independence of all Montanans. MCUCD does this by bringing innovative and empowering financial services to the underserved and those of modest means through Montana's credit unions.

MCUCD has the expertise and resources of its parent organization, the Montana Credit Union Network, who has been serving Montana's credit unions for over 65 years. MCUCD also has the COmmunity Development Financial Institution (CDFI) designation from the U.S. Treasury Department, recognizing MCUCD's focus on underserved populations.

It is also important to understand what credit unions are since they are closely involved in our efforts. Credit unions are not-for-profit financial cooperatives owned by their members (the account holders). There are no stockholders; credit unions are run by an unpaid volunteer board of directors. Because of their unique not-for-profit structure, credit unions return profits back to their members (the account holders) generally through lower loan rates, higher savings rates, and affordable products and services.

To locate a credit union in your area, go to http://montanacreditunions.coop

Montana Supreme Court Equal Justice Task Force

The Montana Supreme Court created the Equal Justice Task Force in 2000. Members of the Equal Justice Task Force represent many organizations involved in the law in Montana. These organizations include the Montana Court System, the Montana Legal Services Association, the University of Montana School of Law, and the State Bar of Montana. The Equal Justice Task Force is in charge of planning ways to help Montanans easily access the legal system in Montana. They also study the legal needs of low- and moderate-income Montanans, and they find more funding for services.

Pro Bono Net

Pro Bono Net is a national nonprofit organization based in New York City and San Francisco. It works in close partnership with nonprofit legal organizations across the United States and Canada, to increase access to justice for the millions of poor people who face legal problems every year without help from a lawyer. Pro Bono Net does this by (i) supporting the innovative and effective use of technology by the nonprofit legal sector, (ii) increasing participation by volunteers, and (iii) facilitating collaborations among nonprofit legal organizations and advocates working on similar issues or in the same region. Pro Bono Net can be contacted by email at info@probono.net.

State Bar of Montana

The State Bar of Montana leads the legal profession and serves the public interest. The purposes of the State Bar are

  • to aid the courts in maintaining and improving the administration of justice;
  • to foster, maintain and require on the part of attorneys high standards of integrity, learning, competence, public service and conduct; to safeguard proper professional interests of the local bar associations;
  • to provide a forum for discussion of and effective action concerning subjects pertaining to the practice of law, the science of jurisprudence and law reform, and relations of the Bar to the public;
  • to provide for continuing legal education of members of the Bar and to insure that the responsibilities of the legal profession to the public are more effectively discharged.

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